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Our projects
Dive in live
Diving centre
We increased the number of clinets suring the COVID-19 pandemic. We renewes the logo and corporate style. We created a loyalty program.
Digital restaurant
We increased the number of clients by 400%!
We worked on the creation of visual identity, we created and implemented designs of interactive tables, we dealt with content marketing.
Construction and renovation company
We increased the average real estate investment by 128%. We performed marketing research and implemented new smart home services.
About us
Carski Marketing and Consulting is a quickly developing agency that takes care of branding and strategic communication. Our costumers and teams are located in 9 countries. We are not only telling your story, but we promote your truth.
The greatest writers „don’t tell, they Show”. The greatest communicators help „do and then tell”. That’s how we know how creatively show who you are, why you do what you do and why it matters.
We will give your brand wings
We help you come up with creative promotions, sponsorships and partnerships that not only make your brand more real and powerful, but also allow you to build emotional connections with your audience.
Our talented and flexible team offers clients unparalleled value. We optimize budgets, generate superior results and match the ideal proffessionalswith each client. With our flexibility and professionalism, we easily scale the business and grow with our clients.
Our core values are authenticity and kindness.
Adhering to a startup culture of continuous self-improvement, we constantly strive to optimize performance. We always put people first - both customers and team members. That's why we are as committed to our clients' business goals as we are to our employees' life goals. We strive for the success of everyone we work with.
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