Cotto is an artistic Polish clothing brand. They produce original handmade slippers made with Italian cotton, and all the necessary accessories for relaxing at home.

Creation of a profile on Instagram.
We created a content plan: we thought through each topic and heading, the content of the posts, the color palette, the nature of the content and the style of communication.
Photo and video production

Creating a product user guide
Sales department training
Account monitoring. Daily contact with customers through messages, comments, providing information about the product: about prices, materials, sizes, delivery.
Developed sales funnel and customer communication scenario.

Brand Strategy
We researched the home footwear market and analyzed offers, created product and audience segmentation.
Target group
We conducted research and identified the ideal customer portrait. We conducted focus groups
Product Refinemen
At client's request, a focus study was organized to investigate the features and quality of the product.
We proposed a list of improvements
The result: researching and testing a new sole, creating a concept and finding a manufacturer of leather logo tags that increase the level of authenticity of the product

Create a profile on Instagram and ensure organic growth of the brand online
Develop a product
Increase sales

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