marketing audit

Who preforms the Audit?
The audit is carried by our best specialists of marketing. But there are also people not related to marketing, whose profile is selected to match the audience of a particular company. This way you getto know the opinions of specialists as well as suggestions and comments of potential clients.

The best products sell themselves?
That’s a myth. Behind sales success stands a lot of work, a lot of tiral and error but most importantly people, who have experience and business intuition. We will strengthen the best parts of your business.

Many years of experience in the industry
We have years of experience in performing marketing audits and have completed hundreds of such assignments for the retail, tourism, beauty and many other services.
Marketing, sales and costumer service
As part of the audit we thoroughly evaluate your company: from the appearance of the office/sales showroom, through customer service, sales of services, to the issues of promoting the company both online and offline. We also provide you with a competitive analysis of your location and practical advice on how to create an edge in the market.
After the audit you will receive a comprehensive report on your company containing our suggestions and comments, a description of existing problems and ways to effectively solve them. We will not just point out what is wrong, we will tell you how to improve it to gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry.
1. Appearance and visual perception of the company

2. Costumer Service - on-line, telephone, in-store service

3. Costumer Service - ability to present an offer and sell services

4. Service during service - "hidden client"

5. Offer construction - the way of presentation (in the company, on-line) and its Competitiveness

6. Leveraging employees' marketing and sales potential

7. Exploiting the marketing and sales potential within the company

8. Local competition analysis

9. Utilizing online marketing and sales potential (website, blogs, social media)
Marketing audit - First step to success

What we look at in an audit:

Marketing startegy
Marketing strategy reveals your competitive advantage. Identifies the most effective promotional channels. Calculates the budget for a two-year complex marketing. Shows you how to develop your company, brand and product.
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