We automate processes
CRM system, IP and call tracking collect all information and determine where the calls come from. When a new customer shows up, the program immediately notifies you that they need to be contacted.

We directly increase company sales and make a good impression on a client. We combine integrated marketing with sales. We automate work through CRM. We reduce sales costs. We connect CRM to analytical systems.

We increase customer loyalty

Customers start recommending your product to their friends and make more purchases because your employees are always polite, punctual and know everything about the product.

We look after the work of employees
Employees can see effectiveness, personal goals, and team goals. Managers can view all calls and correspondence with customers through CRM.
We connect marketing and sales
Thanks to transparent analytics we know which channels increase conversions and based on that we can lower their cost and optimize advertising campaigns.
A high quality level of service in the sales department improves the brand's relationship with the customer, feedback on sales sources makes comprehensive marketing more effective: advertising, content-marketing and SEO specialists know what increases sales.
Measurable promotion
We maximise the level of audience engagement within a given budget.
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