Tesorosi is a family-owned wedding dress brand. It launched on the Polish market in 2016. At the time, the brand had only four dresses and zero budget for promotion. We have been working with Tesorosi for many years.

visual identity
We developed new company logo, designed the website and social media sites according to the new style. We found contractors to decorate the storefront. We created all necessary typographic materials.
Content strategy
Social media. We selected the social media actively used by the target audience and planned a promotion strategy for each of them
We created a community on Facebook, interested and attracted the audience.

The goal is to create a community in which every bride will feel comfortable and free, where her every choice will be accepted and supported, where her imagination and ways of expressing herself will not be limited

Results of our actions:
The number of profile subscribers on Instagram increased 15 times from 1 to 15 thousand without partnerships and paid traffic.
Increased the number of Facebook subscribers by 4k.

We observed the behavior of our audience and their reaction and comments in order to communicate with them in their language. Therefore, our first posts were storytelling.
We developed a content plan
We thought through and developed each column, post content and character, and communication style in each channel.
We used game mechanics.

We ran games and mini-contests in posts and testimonials to increase audience engagement and activity

Brand Strategy
We researched the wedding dress market, analyzed competitors' offers and segmented our audience. We created a clear strategy. We found the competitive advantage of the brand
Competitive Advantages
Together with Tesorosi's management, we isolated the brand's main advantages over its competitors. For example, Tesorosi has managed to shorten its production cycle and organize its logistics processes, which means that each dress can be sewn in as little as 10 weeks.
Target group
We conducted an audience study, which then influenced the product lines
We also conducted a reputation audit, created a mission and vision statement and a 10-year development plan

The client came to us to create a strong and stable brand, to increase recognition and boost sales.
We implemented a CRM system for high quality and immediate handling of inbound contact.
In 2018 a minimalist website was created, in 2020 the website was expanded: we added a large online store.
We adapted the website to mobile devices to increase conversions.

We created a website and an online store
We proposed the idea of creating a blog on a client's website. Interesting and useful articles encourage users to move from social media and search engines to the brand's website.
Blog on the website
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